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Case Studies

Switchover Case Study

With their existing expense reporting system providing challenges that clogged up what should have been a smoother workflow, Monrovia decided to make a switchover to Gorilla Expense.

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Leading T&E Systems Vs Gorilla Expense

Coordinated Health wanted a solution that is simple enough for them to adapt to, while being able to cater to their organization’s unique needs in terms of features and customization.
In addition, they were also keen on having something that is cost-effective enough for their continually growing business.

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Eliminating Paper

Missouri River Energy Services had been researching several T&E automation vendors to automate their T&E process. And Gorilla Expense delivered on all fronts!

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Manual, High-Volume, Error-Prone & Time-Consuming Process

AirFlite’s operations involve international flights with frequent trips to their base in Japan. As pilots and crew are on constant travel, tracking expenses and submitting reports is a time-consuming and often frustrating process.

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