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Case Studies

SAP Concur® Switchover Case Study

With their existing expense reporting system providing challenges that clogged up what should have been a smoother workflow, Monrovia decided to make a switchover to Gorilla Expense.

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Leading T&E Systems Vs Gorilla Expense

Coordinated Health wanted a solution that is cost-effective as they scale their business, simple enough for them to adapt to, while being able to cater to their organization’s unique needs in terms of features and customization.

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Eliminating Paper

Missouri River Energy Services had been researching several T&E automation vendors to automate their T&E process. And Gorilla Expense delivered on all fronts!

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Manual, High-Volume, Error-Prone & Time-Consuming Process

AirFlite’s operations involve international flights with frequent trips to their base in Japan. As pilots and crew are on constant travel, tracking expenses and submitting reports is a time-consuming and often frustrating process.

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JP Morgan Chase Vs Gorilla Expense

When the free expense reporting system provided by their bank did not work for them to track accounting-related dimensions and jobs, Centrisys decided to make a switchover to Gorilla Expense.

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Excel Vs Gorilla Expense

A growing company, IIS struggled with a manual expense
reporting process where expense reports were printed out
and submitted to managers for approval.

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High User Adoption

Since choosing Gorilla Expense over its competitors, NBS has found a high-adoption rate among its employees, which in turn translates to significant time and cost savings

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Finding the right fit for the client

Since Theta is known to work with cutting-edge technologies that are at the same time-proven and well-supported, they have turned to Gorilla Expense
to help them bridge the gaps in their customer’s finance workflows.

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Automating expense reporting & timesheets

The last thing a growing company would want is to slow down their operations with manual tracking of expense reporting and timesheets. Which is why Tonix Pharmaceuticals chose Gorilla Expense to automate the entire process and enhance employee productivity and behavior.

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Smooth migration with a proven solution

The increase in demand of the organisation’s remote capabilities meant upgrading their current ERP. A hassle-free transition and excellent support was all they asked for, and Gorilla Expense delivered it on time and well within the budget.

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Enabling accurate timesheet management

Gorilla Expense provided a customized automation process for Timesheets to match the company’s requirements and thus helped the administrative staff save a great deal of time and money.

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