We believe tracking time should not be, well… time consuming

Gorilla Expense Timesheet eliminates time-consuming, manual processing with an easy, powerful & configurable solution


Track time instantly


Tag customer and project information


Classify time as billable and non-billable


Reduce errors


Maintain robust approval workflows

Online Timesheets

Gorilla Expense Timesheets is a 100% Online solution that adheres to advanced security standards. All data that is tied to the system is safely maintained and managed.

Easy to use

Gorilla Expense Timesheet is an easy to use and intuitive solution. Users get up to speed very quickly and can tag projects, customers and other information to their timesheet easily

Mobile App

Mobile App allows tracking of time from anywhere, anytime – The app offers offline mode to allow users to create timesheet from locations where internet connectivity might not be available


An in-built reporting module enables stakeholders to easily run existing reports. These reports provide valuable slicing & dicing of timesheet data to help make informed decisions. Run reports by customer or by project or by employee

Multi-level Approval & Electronic Routing

Users that are designated as Managers can view, save and approve/decline timesheet that are submitted by employees from within the application. The application also allows Managers to redirect reports to other Managers including Accounting for the final approval. All of this is managed electronically within the application.

Integration with ERP systems

Gorilla Expense has the ability to directly integrate with ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics GP, Navision and others.

Audit Trail

Gorilla Expense offers audit trail capability within the application that captures changes made at multiple levels. This helps identify, tackle and deter potential frauds.


Gorilla Expense offers solid support and training to derive maximum value for our customers


Gorilla Expense Timesheet is available as a cloud-based or on-premise solution.