Expense Reporting for Lawson INFOR


What We Do

Gorilla Expense takes out the hassle of T&E Expense Reporting for companies that use Lawson INFOR through our innovative and easy-to-use automation integration. We integrate with Lawson Payroll using the PR530 file as well as with Lawson AP module using the AP520 file. These files can be generated automatically on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis as required.

Why Choose Gorilla Expense?

The team at Gorilla Expense knows the challenges accounting professionals go through every day. That’s why our Lawson INFOR integration was built to streamline time-consuming, error-prone, and manual activities. So you can focus on the high-value tasks.

Gorilla Expense offers several advantages for companies looking to automate T&E Expense Reporting for Lawson INFOR. Our clients benefit from –

  • An easy-to-use and intuitive interface for travelers, managers, and accounting.
  • Cost-efficiency: 15% to 65% more economical than competing products.
  • A cutting-edge mobile app with regular updates and new features.
  • Specialized configurations to match unique customer requirements.

We Already Use Concur.
What Additional Value
Do You Offer?

If you are already using another product for Expense Reporting automation and are thrilled with it, then more power to you!

On the other hand, like many of our customers, if you are looking for another solution – maybe because your current one can’t be configured to your needs or you feel you are paying exorbitantly for it – then we can fix that!

We have a very attractive migration program that we’d be happy to discuss in more detail.



Receipt Box

Using our advanced Receipt Box feature, users need not clutter their phone’s photo gallery with hundreds of receipt images anymore and also they can sync receipts across all devices & Web app automatically. Receipt Box allows users to store receipts in a readable format – hence, eliminating the need to open each receipt to view the details and also, increasing productivity exponentially. Add-on Receipt OCR service available for accurately reading receipt data and merging receipts with corporate credit card data – all done automatically!



The credit card import feature allows travelers to import corporate credit card transactions directly into the expense report. Due to this, it takes almost no time to complete an expense report. The credit card data can also be split into multiple lines using our split feature. We support multiple corporate credit card programs within the same application and we also support corporate credit cards issued in multiple billing currencies – a feature useful for our clients with a multi-national presence. Gorilla Expense partners with several major credit card companies and financial institutions.



Gorilla Expense is a 100% Online PCI Compliant Secure Solution that adheres to advanced security and high-availability standards. The application can be accessed via any major web browser as well as using our iOS or Android app. All data that is tied to the system is safely maintained and managed on Microsoft Azure servers based in Virgina, USA and other Microsoft Azure global locations for our APAC / European clients



Gorilla Expense utilizes Google Maps in the web application to capture mileage. When the user enters the start & end locations on a map, the application will calculate the number of miles and use it. The application also saves the Start and End locations in the comments field for visibility to approving managers. We also support advanced mileage rate calculation feature for Canadian and UK/Irish customers based on the distance traveled and car’s engine capacity



An in-built reporting module enables stakeholders to easily create ad-hoc reports, charts and graphs. These reports provide valuable slicing & dicing of T&E data to help make informed decisions. Reports can be created across several categories and formats which provide a quick assessment of performance.



Gorilla Expense provides the ability to allocate expenses to different projects, cost centers, departments, customers and other categories. This vastly improves spend visibility, assists expense tracking and promotes cost control through accountability. The various cost center fields can be easily set up to match company records.



Users that are designated as Managers can view, save and approve/decline reports that are submitted by subordinates from within the application. The application also allows Managers to redirect reports to other Managers including Accounting for the final approval. All of this is managed electronically within the application.



With Gorilla Expense, users will be able to list the VAT or GST amount(s) for an expense. We can also auto-calculate these amounts based on the type of expense and province/state selected by the user. Since the transaction includes the receipt, companies will be in full compliance with typical VAT or GST reclaim requirements. Depending on the country, multiple fields can be enabled, each used for a different rate category in the system.



With Gorilla Expense, users can choose to work with more than 140 foreign currencies. Latest conversion rates can be used in transactions to reflect spend in home currency. Based on area of travel, a currency of choice can also be set to default in the system.



Gorilla Expense offers audit trail capability within the application that captures changes made at mutiple levels. This includes a description of the actual change as well as a date and time stamp. This helps identify, tackle and deter potential frauds.



Gorilla Expense offers automated integration with several accounting systems. Our outbound integration creates Purchase Invoices in the AP module of the target accounting system. Our inbound integration imports project/job and employee-related data from the accounting systems – Thus eliminating the need to key in the data manually. In addition, we integrate with Payroll systems, Single-Sign-On providers. The section below lists some of our integrations.


Automatic Report Creation

Gorilla Expense is able to automatically merge a receipt present in Receipt Box to an incoming Credit Card transaction and then attach the credit card transaction to an expense report corresponding the the credit card statement start date and end date, all done automatically for the user.

Our friendly (and prompt) sales team would be more than happy to discuss your requirements / provide more info/schedule a live demo.