Feb 26

Microsoft Dynamics GP2013 which was released on Dec. 19 has several new features that are designed to help SMBs grow their businesses. These features are powerful and very easy to use. From our preliminary research, some of the key enhancements that we have seen include:

  1. A rich web client to access information when you need it and on the device of your choice
  2. Improved cloud-deployment model to streamline deploying and managing GP in the cloud
  3. Faster deployment with new “RapidStart” tools that significantly reduce time to configure GP for each customer
  4. Deeper interoperability with Office 365, other Microsoft technologies & ISV products

Microsoft has indeed made interoperability very easy for ISVs like us. We integrate fully with GP2013 and it is seamless while the implementation time for our solution is almost immediate. The mechanism is similar to GP2010, in that once expense reports are approved by the manager within our system, the data is automatically pushed as GL entries to GP2013 with the single click of a button! This definitely provides a robust value add-on for T&E expense reporting and also extends the company’s investment in GP2013. We are extremely thrilled with the advancements made by Microsoft in GP2013 and look forward to seeing more.

3 Responses to “GP2013 new features and integration with Gorilla Expense”

  1. Greg says:

    Thanks for sharing. We are interested in learning more about your expense reporting module for GP2013 that we have installed. Sent a message.

  2. Anon_1483 says:

    Great read. Note that Rapidstart may still include sizeable configurations. Most people think it is off the shelf with a few tweaks but it is not. But the key item as you point is 2013 GP has lot more flexibility with add-ons such as yours. Based on the configuration, GP can be nimble or heavy with tons of functionality. Really varies by company.

  3. admin says:

    @Greg: You are welcome

    @Anon_1483: Thanks for the clarifications

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