In today's world, travel has become an important aspect of conducting business. And with travel comes the unavoidable process of submitting expense reports. The traditional process of submitting expense reports, manually using an Excel sheet and scotch tape for receipts, is frustrating, time consuming and inefficient at best.

Challenges that Companies Face

  • Employees struggle to complete expense reports on time
  • Missing data & receipts is a constant challenge
  • Manual keying-in of data in multiple places (expense sheet, accounting system & payroll system) is very frustrating and a waste of time
  • CFOs/Controllers have limited visibility in the different areas of T&E spend
  • Expense Reporting can become an emotive subject with road warriors

Why Customers Love Our Solution

  • Customer Quote:“Very easy to use and manage. Our users love how simple it is to submit expenses with Gorilla Expense. Also the support has been fantastic!"
  • No more paper & scotch tape in the 21st century
  • Missing receipts/data is a thing of the past!
  • Automated integration with ERP/Accounting systems gets rid of manual keying of data
  • Say goodbye to frustrating and time-consuming processes
  • Finance & AP have complete visibility & control into T&E spend